Reginald's Tower
The Vikings have Landed!

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The Vikings introduced coins to Ireland

The first silver coins were struck in Dublin around 997 by King Sitric, a descendent of one of Reginald's relatives.

Viking Shield

Reginald was a grandson of Ivar the Boneless


Or at least, he is the grandson of a man the Irish Chronicles call Imar, some historians think they are the same man!

Viking Shield


Viking helmets are pretty rare!

We haven’t found a single one in Ireland! They also did not have horns! But we have found plenty of swords and shields.

Viking Shield

Waterford in Irish is called Port Láirge


This name translates to Port of the Thigh! According to a myth in which an Irish prince was killed and his thighbone washed ashore here!

Reginald's Tower



Large numbers of Norseman flee Ireland after being attacked by a joint force of Irish Kings, likely including Reginald.

Viking Ship


A large Viking fleet returns to Ireland, Reginald builds his longphort at Waterford. This is the moment Waterford was founded.

Arrows Right
Arrows Right


Reginald went to Britain and after fighting Constantine Mac Aeda of Scotland in the Battle of Corbridge, he declared himself King of Northumbria.


Reginald died in 921 as King of the fair foreigners and the dark foreigners, both groups of Vikings in Ireland.

Maclise Aoife Strongbow Painting

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