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Madness and Loss in the 20th century

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Over 200,000 men from Ireland fought in WWI

These soldiers fought in several theatres. About 30,000 died serving in Irish regiments of the British forces.


The youngest and oldest to die in WWI


John Condon was the youngest soldier to die in World War One for the Allies. Frederick Roberts, a descendent of architect John Roberts, whose family were from Waterford and who was married in the city was the oldest at 82 years old.


The Easter Rising took place in the middle of World War One

In April 1916, the Rising took place mainly in Dublin. The rebellion was defeated by the British military but while it failed as a military campaign, it led to convincing the Irish public to support the idea of a fully independent Ireland.


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John Condon


John Condon signed up for six years' service in the army in October 1913, claiming his age was eighteen when he was actually thirteen years old.

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The first world war began and in the first year 44,000 Irishmen volunteered to join the army. Field Marshal Frederick Roberts, who was married in Waterford, became the oldest allied soldier to die in the war at the age of eighty two.


John Condon left Ireland in March 1915, he fought on the Western Front and died during the Second Battle of Ypres. The German army had used mustard gas and many like John died in the battle.

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World War One ended in 1918, some estimate as many as 49,000 Irishmen died in the conflict.


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