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The apple seller Peg Ryan's Grandson became a famous comedian!

Peg Ryan’s grandson was Hal Roche, a famous comedian who held the Guinness World Record for the longest-running engagement of a comedian at the same venue: 26 years at Jury's Irish Cabaret.


Pigs used to roam near the Apple Market in the Middle Ages!


They were noted as roaming wild throughout the town, especially in nearby Spring Garden Alley. They were notorious for eating local gardeners' crops and so the city decreed any wild pig in the city should be killed!



The Apple Market used to look very differently!

For example, there used to be a clocktower in the Apple Market, installed in 1902 by Alderman Richard Hearne G P. The glass triangle ceiling is a new addition too, allowing citizens to become actors in Waterford while paying respect to the location's heritage.

Apple Market



Waterford and specifically the area surrounding the apple market had a problem with pigs! They kept eating vegetables the town dwellers grew in nearby gardens, and so the city declared: ‘‘all hogs, sows, boars and all other swine and pigs that should be found by day or night walking within the city they shall be slain and killed’’! The same problem was mentioned in a document from 1472!

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By 1901, wild pigs roaming the streets were no longer a problem! The apple market had been used as a communal marketplace for centuries by this time and in 1901 a clocktower was installed in the apple market. Fruit sellers like Peggy Ryan populated the market.


The apple market was still a civic hub in Waterford, but it changed from a market to a central square full of pubs, restaurants and shops.


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